Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Similar to Mitt Romney, Dr. Paul is no longer actively campaigning, but *IS* still eligible to win the GOP nomination, and WILL still have bound delegates present at the Republican National Convention in September. The phenomenal success of Ron Paul's delegates at this past weekend's Nevada Republican state convention attest to how active and excited the Ron Paul movement is to elect him the GOP nominee.....

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18,000 women and children trafficked into UK sex trade

Up to 18,000 females, including girls as young as 14, are working in brothels across Britain after being smuggled into the country to meet the booming demand for prostitutes. Police, unveiling the results of the largest ever crackdown on people smuggling yesterday, revealed that nearly five times more women than previously thought are working...

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Congress's 'Virtual Iran War Resolution' - Why Do This???

This resolution is the declaration of tremendous sanctions, and boycotts and embargoes on the Iranians. It is very, very severe. This is closing down Iran. Where do we get the international legality for this? This is what we did for ten years before we went into Iraq. We starved children – 50,000 individuals it was admitted probably died.

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